Logistic Centre


Terminal services:

  • Loading and unloading operations, reloading of goods on transportation means (broad- and narrow-gauge railway rolling stock - covered wagons, open wagons, platforms, containers, semi-trucks, dump trucks (machine/manual)
  • Various types and modes of goods stacking and storage (including customs and body storage for outsized and dangerous cargoes) at the warehouse, in open area, on stacks and trays, formation of packaged places, warehouse lease
  • Any packing operations/ repacking, consolidation and reconsolidation of goods, preparation for readiness to sale and provision of special characteristics or export/import characteristics, etc.
  • Customs clearance and documenting of cargoes before shipment or receipt of the cargoes (full cycle of documenting, customs declaring, credit clearance and other documents)
  • Services of a temporary storage warehouse with issue and reissue of customs and goods shipping documents
  • Handling of dangerous cargoes
  • Handling of various types of goods: with pallet piece goods, bulk goods, palletized goods, stackable goods, outsized and other equipment, loose cargoes, junk, metal products, dangerous cargoes, preparation of double floors for unloading of covered wagons, securing of any cargoes on the open rolling stock in accordance with schemes of Unspecified Technical Conditions and Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail
  • Combined processing of semitrucks and wagons
  • Acceptance and output of goods for storage to the warehouse or open site


  • The terminal is completely fenced, under continuous video surveillance, equipped with a modern security system; all territory is lighted for twenty-four-hour operation;
  • Qualified personnel;
  • Approach road: 453 m;
  • Capacity: up to 30 conditional wagons;
  • Loading/unloading area: up to 20 wagons;
  • Side ramp: 200 m (simultaneous operation with up to 15 wagons) at the indoor warehouse and open site;
  • Indoor warehouse 120х25 l.m. (3000 sqm);
  • Indoor warehouse 70х20 l.m. (1400 sqm), racks;
  • Open sites for cargo processing and storage: up to 30 000 sqm and 2000 sqm;
  • Parking for 20 semitrucks;
  • Forklift trucks LINDE: 7 pcs, bearing capacity from 2t to 5t;
  • Front-end loader VOLVO L120 with hoe, bearing capacity up to 8t. Quick-detachable device for hoe replacement to fork for processing of palletized or package cargoes up to 8t;
  • Loader ATLAS 350MH (hoe 1.8; 1.6 cubic meters) for processing of loose cargoes;
  • Utilization of automobile cranes up to 150 t.


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